Nasi Impit


  • 2 cups of rice
  • 900g water
  • 3 pandan leaves (knotted)
  • Pinch of salt
  • 1 tin of 300g SUNSTAR SATAY SAUCE


  1. After rinsing rice thoroughly, add all the ingredients into a pot, excluding SUNSTAR Satay Sauce.
  2. Boil ingredients over high heat for 5mins, then reduce to low heat.
  3. Cook on low heat until rice is almost cooked with some liquid remaining on top.
  4. Remove the pandan leaves, then blend the rice in a blender or mash with a potato masher.
  5. Stir the rice with a fork to allow heat to seep in.
  6. Continue to cook until rice is completely cooked. 
  7. Once the rice is cooked, set aside to cool slightly for 10 mins.
  8. Line cling wrap on a baking dish. 
  9. Transfer the rice into the baking dish and flatten the rice with spoon to a 0.5 – 1 inch thickness. Then allow to cool at room temperature or in the fridge fully.
  10. Using an oil-greased knife, cut the rice into cubes. 
  11. Your Nasi Impit is ready to be served and you can eat it with SUNSTAR SATAY SAUCE.
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