About Us


Halal Canned Food Manufacturer Malaysia

Celebrating food culture. SUNSTAR was founded in Malaysia, a country filled with abundance of great local food and an array of cultures.

Our founder started off making fresh kaya and served it to the local patrons in Kuala Lumpur back in the 1960s. Kaya Butter toast was a staple breakfast item those days and it has remained so till today.

Inspired by the success of his Kaya, our founder started to explore the idea of canning Kaya to extend its shelf life. Pretty soon, a small canning plant was set up in Selangor, Malaysia and made great Kaya spread that captured the very essence of Malaysia’s home-made food.

We explored how to best capture great recipes and prolong the shelf life of various types of food. It took quite a bit of dedication (and some experimentation), but soon we found not one but several winning canned products. Thus, creating the renowned SUNSTAR brand as it is known today. No matter what food cravings you have – night or day – we have something for you.

For nearly 30 years, we’ve managed to find ways to can, bottle and pouch over 30 types of Malaysia’s favourite household recipes, all in convenient ready to eat forms. We have even gotten various food safety certification bodies accredited and Halal certified by Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) to ensure peace of mind for all our customers to enjoy our simple but deliciously convenient ready to eat food at a moment’s notice.

Since the 1970s till today, you could say that we’ve taken pride in ensuring our quality and staying true to our Asian food legacy. Creating convenient, ready to eat, healthy and tasty comfort food you can find across all retailers and online stores in Malaysia and worldwide.


Successful Milestones


Our founders incorporated a canning plant and started producing Kaya (Coconut egg jam) on a commercial scale in a factory in Selangor, Malaysia.


We extended into new food categories such as Beans, Sauces and Seafood. Our constant innovation and improvement led to successfully obtaining Halal status for all our products.


The SUNSTAR brand was born with a vision to create and deliver quality halal food to our consumers locally and across Asia.


Moved to a new plant in Rawang, Selangor, to cater to the fast-growing demand from domestic and international markets. We expanded our products offerings further with bottled jams and beverages.


Certified with ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP. Created a range of bulk-size packaging for the food service industry.

2006 – 2010

Established a larger market internationally and increased brand awareness and recognition.

2020 – Present

At SUNSTAR, we continue to improve and innovate to deliver quality products to our consumers with state of the art facilities accredited by international food safety certification bodies.