Laksa Sardines


Part A

  • 1 packet of dried laksa leave (soak for 1 hour and boiled till soft remove from
  • 3 pieces of kesum leaves
  • 2 Young torch ginger flowers
  • 8 pieces of Tamarand slices
  • Salt and sugar to taste

Part B (Gravy)

  • 1 tin SUNSTAR SARDINES (including its sauce)
  • 1 large onion
  • 1/2 inches belacan
  • 8 sprigs dried cili (cut and and boiled till soft)
  • 6 cups water

Part C

  • Cucumber – finely sliced
  • Onion – thinly sliced
  • Boiled eggs
  • Bird’s eye chillies
  • Lime


  1. Blend all ingredients B (for gravy) and pour into a pot.
  2. Add 6 cups of water, kesum leaves, torch ginger flower, tamarind and a dash of salt to taste.
  3. Bring gravy to boil and simmer for 15mins. Serve the Laksa with garnishing and other side ingredients from Part C.